A message to our customers

While we all want to do our part to remain free of COVID-19, The Cheese Traveler knows you still need food. We know how nutritionally dense cheese is and since we operate under a grocery license, we are able to continue normal business hours for as long as you, our customers, need us.

While cleanliness has always been a priority, we have upped our standards and procedures. We are disinfecting all counters, door knobs and surfaces after EACH customer. Also, we have stopped passive store samples, but will cut you a taste and pass it to you on a spoon or waxed paper.

We are prepared to accept orders over the phone (518)443-0440 and are willing to make local deliveries or run your purchase out to your car for curbside pick-up. We have added a new page to our website Products to give you an idea of the current products in the store (we have so much more than just cheese- beer, cider, frozen organic Tilldale beef and pork, Hesasian Hill lamb, FIN frozen fish, pasta, charcuterie, chocolate- and I am just getting started). Also watch for more pictures on Facebook and Instagram. (We have to keep ourselves entertained here in the store).

If you think of something we can do here at The Cheese Traveler to help, just let us know.

Be well,
Mary and the team

Cheese Traveler (CHēz ´trav(ə)lər) n. : 1. one who travels in search of a food made of the pressed curds of milk 2. one who brings fine foods, especially cheeses, and stories of them back home 3. a cheese fanatic [OE cēse, ME travailen]

The Cheese Traveler is a customer service driven cheese shop in Albany, NY, located in the heart of the DelSo district, known for its funky shops, fine restaurants, art galleries, and film theater. It is our mission to travel far and wide to bring our customers a unique taste experience, be that from our local farms and producers to those around the globe.