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The Cheese Traveler is so much more than cheese!
Let’s start with our current cheese selections. I have also added the selections from our Charcuterie case and listed several more categories. I will add brand specifics as time allows. If you don’s see what you are craving, feel free to call and ask or send an email.

Domestic Cheese
Au Sable Tomme, Asgaard Farm, New York
4 Alarm Cheddar, Milton Creamery, Missouri
Black and Blue, Maryland
Bayley Hazen Blue, Jasper Hill, Vermont
Beer Cheese, Tulip Tree, Indiana
Au Sable Blue Line,Asgaard Farm, New York
Cave Monster, Easthill Creamery, New York
Cheddar, Shelburne 1 year, Vermont
Cheddar, Shelburne 3 year, Vermont
Cornerstone, Parish Hill Creamery, Vermont
Dry Jack, Vella, California
Dunbarton Blue, Roelli Cheese Haus, Wisconsin
Havarti, Edelweiss Creamery, Wisconsin
Havarti with Dill,Edelweiss Creamery, Wisconsin
Gouda, Mareike Smoked, Wisconsin
Gitane on Weck, Reverie Creamery, New York
Moon Rabbit, Deer Creek Creamery, Wisconsin
Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Uplands Cheese, Wisconsin
Raclette, Reading, Vermont
Rogue Smokey Blue, Rogue River Creamery, Oregon
Tekeni- Westmeadow Farm and Dairy, New York

Imported Cheese
10 Year Cheddar, Old Quebec, Canada
7 year cheddar, Old Quebec, Canada
Alisios, Canary Islands
Barba Blu, Italy
Baricotto al Peppi, Italy
Beaufort, France
Borenkas Grand Cru Gouda, Belgium
Bra Duro DOP, Italy
Brie Fermier, France
Bucheron, France
Cabricafe, Belgium
Cabra al Gofio, Canary Islands
Casatica di Bufala, Italy
Ciel de Chevre, Belgium
Colton Basset Stilton, Neal’s Yard, England
Comte Rivoire Jacquemin 7 month, France
Ewephoria, Belgium
Emmentaler, Switzerland
Feta, Bulgaria
Fontina, DOP, Italy
Fourme Affinee au Moelleux, France
Fourme d’Ambert, France
Fulvi Romano, Italy
Geitenstee 3- month Goat Gouda, Belgium
Gorgonzola Riserva, Italy
Gouda, L’Amuse Brabander Goat, Netherlands
Gouda, Truffle Gouda, Belgium
Gruyere Gourmino 6 month, Switzerland
Hornbacher, Switzerland
Le Cousin, France
Le Jeune Autize, France
Le Secret de Compostelle, France
Malghese, Italy
Manchego Artesano Media Curacion, Spain
Moliterno al Tartufo, Italy
Ovelha Amantelgado, Portugal
Parmigiano Reggiano Spring Milk, Italy
Paski Sir, Croatia
Peccorino di Fossa, Italy
Red Leicester, Sparkenhoe, Neal’s Yard Dairy, England
Reypenaer XO, Netherlands
Robiola- Tomma Della Rocca, Italy
Roquefort, Gabriel Coulet, France
Sant Mateu, Spain
Sau Jorges, Azores
Salva Cremasco, Italy
Sapore del Piave, Italy
Taleggio, Italy
Testun al Barolo, Italy
Tete de Moine, Switzerland
Tomme Chebris, France
Tomme de Chevre cendre, France
Ubriaco Prosecco, Italy


Beef Saucisson Sec, Larchmont, New York
Bella Bella Smoked Duck Breast, Connecticut
Bella Bella Duck Pastrami, Connecticut
Bella Bella Duck Proscuitto, Connecticut
Benton’s Smoked Bacon, Tennessee
Benton’s Smoked Country Ham, Tennesee
Bresaola, Larchmont, New York
Calabrese Hot Salame, Mol;inari Brothers, California
Capocollo di Dorman, Smoking Goose, Indiana
Coppa, Red Table, Minnesota
Finochiona, Molinari Brothers, California
Francois, Red Table Meats, Minnesota
Guancale, Smoking Goose, Indiana
Iberico de Bellota, Cinco Jotas, Spain
Jamon Serrano, Spain
Landrauchschinken, Olympia Provisions, Oregon
Lardo de Bellota Iberico, Spain
Mortadella, Principe, Italy
Mousse Truffe, Three Little Pigs, New York
Pancetta Testa, Smoking Goose, Indiana
Pate de Campagne – 3 Little Pigs, New York
Proscuitto di Parma, Pio Tosini, Italy
Rabbit & Pork Cheek Pate, Smoking Goose
Rosette de Lyon, Biellese, New Jersey
Smoked Country Ham, North Country, Vermont
Sopresata Picante, Biellese, New Jersey
Sopressata w/ Burgundy, Molinari Brothers, California
Speck, Italy
Tasso, Smoking Goose, Indiana
Vermont Salami, Redwine & Garlic, Juniper, Clove & Citrus, Fennel
Chorizo, Hot, mild, Espuna

Monograno Pasta
Monograno Spaghetti Kamut (gluten free)
Sfogilini Pasta
San Giacomo Balsamic
Agro Di Mosto Balsamic
La Vucciria Caponata
La Vucciria olive oil, product of Sicily
Merula olive oil, Product of Portugal
Black Truffle olive oil
Dell ‘Amore original tomato sauce
Dell ‘Amore Spicy tomato sauce
Exotic garlic spread, Essendorfer
Hot Bull, spicy garlic spread, Essendorfer
Wild Cranberry Horseradish spread, Essendorfer
Honey Be Prepared Horseradish spread, Essendorfer
Blueberry Beppi Horseradish spread, Essendorfer
Stone ground mustard, Beaufor
Dijon mustard, Beaufor
Orange Blueberry mustard, Essendorfer
Ring of Fire mustard, Essendorfer
Mixed Provencal pitted olives
Green Provencal pitted olives
Trout Pate with port wine
Spiced Sardine Pate
Whiting Roe Pate
Wild Sardines with lemon, Matiz
Small Sardines with piquillo peppers, Matiz
Smoked Oysters, Patagonia

Bello Rustica Crostini, Parmesan, Plain, Rosemary
Castelton- Simply Wheat, Sesame Graham, Multi Seed Rye
Effie’s, Cocoacakes, Nutcakes, Corncakes, Ryecakes
Gavottes, crispy, chocolate covered crepes, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut
Onesto, Gluten Free Crackers, Sea Salt, Rosemary, Everything
Olina, Water Cracker, Plain, Poppy Seed, Black Pepper, Sesame
Mini Toast, Divina
Jan’s Crisps, Cranberry Pistachio, Salted Almond

Lemon Curd, Sidehill Farm
American Cherry Jam, Sidehill Farm
Wild Blueberry Jam, Sidehill Farm
Apple Pie Jam, Sidehill Farm
Cinnamon & Pear Jam, Sidehill Farm
Mango Habanero Jam, Sidehill Farm
Four Berry Jam, Sidehill Farm
Strawberry Jam, Sidehill Farm
Red Raspberry, Jam, Sidehill Farm
Seville Orange Marmalade, Sidehill Farm
Apricot, Sidehill Farm
Hot Red Pepper Sidehill Farm

Pure Cider Jelly, Willis Wood
Concord Grape Jam
Scots Bitters, Les Collines
Hot Pepper Jelly,Les Collines
Lavender Jelly,, Les Collines
Fig Jam, Mittica
French Onion with Rosemary, Blake Hill Farm
Plum Fennel Chutney,Les Collines

Pistacchiosa Cream
Serrento Honey with Walnut
Cioccoarancia, Chocolate with Candied Orange Spread
Granella Brut, Coarse Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread with extra virgin olive oil

Chestnut Tree Honey
Lavender Honey
Acacia Honey
Truffle Honey
Creamed Honey
Maple Cream
Pure Maple Cream,
Maple Sprinkle Sugar
Vermoint Maple Syrup

Marcona Almonds, Skinless
Marcona Almonds with Skins
Lil’ Mamas Goat Horn Peppers
Chili Crunch

Le Bon Magot, White Pumpkin with Almonds Murabba
Le Bon Magot, Lemon Sultana Marmalatta
Spiced Raisin Marmallatta

Meadowbrook whole milk
Meadowbrook chocolate milk
Meadowbrook eggs
Burre de Barrette (French butter)

Chocolate Candy
Amedei, 75% Chocolate, Amedei, Italy
Buffalo Milk, 35% Milk Chocolate, Artisan du Chocolat, London
Chili, 70% Dark Chocolate, Artisan du Chocolat, London
Popping Candy, 35% Milk Chocolate, Artisan du Chocolat, London
Salted Honeycomb, 41% Milk Chocolate, Artisan du Chocolat, London
Gin & Tonic, Milk Chocolate, Cacao Sampaka, Spain
Roses & Strawberries, White Chocolate, Cacao Sampaka, Spain
Spicy Lime, White Chocolate, Cacao Sampaka, Spain
Belize, 72% Dark, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, California
Black Fig, 72% Dark, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, California
Milk Chocolate, 58% Dark, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, California
Chili Peanut Praline, 54% Dark, Fossa Chocolate, Singapore
Drifting Snowflakes Jasmine Green Tea Chocolate, Fossa Chocolate, Singapore
White Sesame Seaweed, Fossa Chocolate, Singapore
Dominican 68% Dark, Fruition, New York
100% Cacoa, Fruition, New york
Ghost Pepper, 60% Dark Chocolate, Manoa Chocolate, Hawaii
Goat Milk, 69% Dark Chocolate, Manoa Chocolate, Hawaii
Hawaii Chocolate, 50% Cacao Milk Chocolate, Manoa Chocolate, Hawaii
Coconut Dream Bar, Mayana Chocolate, Wisconsin
Fix Bar, Mayana Chocolate, Wisconsin
Heavens to Bacon Bar, Mayana Chocolate, Wisconsin
Kitchen Sink Bar, Mayana Chocolate, Wisconsin
Ambrosia, Bee Pollen & Honey Chocolate, Naive, Lithuania
Kefir, 57% Dark Chocolate with Kefir, Naive, Lithuania
Orange Liquorice, 68% Dark Chocolate, Naive, Lithuania
Peanut Butter, 47% Milk Chocolate, Naive, Lithuania
Porcini Mushroom, 62% Dark Chocolate, Naive, Lithuania
Rough Ground, 75% rough ground Dark Chocolate, Naive, Lithuania
Spice,65% Dark Chocolate with spices, Naive, Lithuania
Tahini, 47% Milk Chocolate with Sesame Paste, Naive, Lithuania
Arabica Coffee, 64% Dark Chocolate, Marou Fraiseurs De Chocolat, Vietnam
Ben Tre, Single origin 78% Dark Chocolate, Marou Fraiseurs De Chocolat, Vietnam
Coconut & Milk, 55% Dark Chocolate, Marou Fraiseurs De Chocolat, Vietnam
Olive like Black & Green Chocodelice Nougatine, Maison Pecou 1880, France
Bananas Foster, 66% unroasted Dark Chocolate, Raaka, New York
Bourbon Cask Aged, 82% unroasted Dark Chocolate, Raaka, New York
Green Tea Crunch, 66% unroasted Dark Chocolate, Raaka, New York
Maple & Nibs, 75%unroasted Dark Chocolate, Raaka, New York
Rose Cardamom, 70% unroasted Dark Chocolate, Raaka, New York
Solomon Islands Dark Chocolate with Mint, 65% Dark Chocolate, Zokoko, Australia

Beer Selections

Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chiene, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes, France (Brewed in 2017)
Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chiene, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes, France (Brewed in 2016)
Aventinus, Schneider Weisse, Germany
Bianca, Omnipollo, Sweden (650 ml)  – Gose brewed by Crazy Mountain Brewery
Brise-BonBons, Fantome, Belgium (750ml)
Coffee Ruby, Fantome Brewing, Belgium (750ml)
Dead Sea-rious, Carakale Brewing, Jordan
Dopplebock, Brauerei Heller-Trum, Germany
Genese, Brasserie Dieu du Ciel, Canada
Jam Up The Mash, Collective Arts Brewing, Canada
Kasteel Rouge, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, Belgium
Marzen, Brauerei Heller-Trum, Germany
Old Engine Oil, Harviestoun Brewery, EnglandStout Rullquin, Guezerie Tilquin (750ml)
Thomas Hardy’s Ale, Meantime Brewing Company, England (Brewed in 2017)
Wit, St. Bernardus , Belguim

Domestic Beer
Anachronism, Kent Falls Brewing, Connecticut
Captain’s Daughter, Grey Sail Brewing, Connecticut
Carrie’s Beer, Sweet Thursday Beer Company, New York
Coco Bolo, Burial Beer Company, North Carolina
Conehead, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, Vermont
Daisy Cutter, Half Acre Beer Company, Illinois
DDH Hi-Res, Sixpoint Brewery, New York
Dirty Little Freak, DuClaw Brewing, Maryland
Dream of Perfect Beauty, Foreign Objects, New York
Dungeons, Half Acre Beer Company, Illinois
Farmer’s Reserve Cirus, Almanac Beer, California
Gunner’s Daughter, Mast Landing Brewing, Maine
Hawkbill, Burial Beer Company, North Carolina
Little Wolf, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, Vermont
Lunch, Maine Beer Company, Maine
Luppolo, Oxbow Brewing, Maine
Money, Barrier Brewing Company,  New York
Navaja, Half Acre Beer Company, Illinois
Pivo Pilsner, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, California
Resin, Sixpoint Brewing, New York
River Trip, Allagash Brewing, Maine
Road Jam, Two Roads Brewing, Connecticut
Roadsmary’s Baby, Two Roads Brewing, Connecticut
Saison de Brettaville, Almanac Beer, California
Santilli, Night Shift, Massachusetts
Shrouded Summit, Ghostfish Brewing, Oregon
Softly Spoken Magic Words, Singlecut Beersmiths, New York
Tools of the Trade, Industrial Arts Brewing, New York
Transgression Culture, Foreign Objects, New York
Wood Chop, Smuttynose, New Hampshire
Wrench, Industrial Arts Brewing, New York

Cider Selections

Classic Perry, Oliver’s Cider & Perry, England
Farmhouse Cider, Hecks Cider, England
Gurutzerta Original Basque Cider, Sidreria Gurutzeta, Spain
Poire, Calvados Christain Drounin, France
Poire Domfront, Domaine Pacory, France

Beach House Rose, King’s Highway Fine Cider, New York
Blackberry Pear, Crispin Hard Cider Company, California  `12
Dabinett Spy, Scrumpy Ewe, New York
Downeast Original Blend, Downeast Cider House, New York
Downeast Pumpkin, Downeast Cider House, New York
Farmhouse Dry, Scrumpy Ewe, New York (Various Vintages)
Forest & Frost, Graft Cider, New York
Ginger Snap, King’s Highway Fine Cider, New York
Golden Crab, Scrumpy Ewe, New York
Lover Boi, Shacksbury Cider/Butch Judy’s, Vermont
Master Tremlett’s, Scrumpy Ewe, New York
Old Lunkie, Scrumpy Ewe, New York
Porter’s Perfection, Scrumpy Ewe, New York
Shorts with Citrusy Botanicals Hard Cider Seltzer, Shacksbury Cider, Vermont (8oz.)
Singapore Sling, King’s Highway Fine Cider, New York
Stone Cutter, Scrumpy Ewe, New York

Other Alcohol Selections
Ancient Berry Hard Kombucha, Flying Embers, California
Grapefruit Thyme Hard Kombucha, Flying Embers, California
Shorts with Citrusy Botanicals Hard Cider Seltzer,
Shacksbury Cider, Vermont (8oz.)

Non-Alcohol Selections
Fentiman’s, Rose Lemonade, Curiosity Cola, Cherry Cola, Ginger Beer
Gus Soda, Blackberry, Cola,Ginger Ale,Ruby Grapefruit,Root Beer
Johnny Ryan Soda, Birch Beer, Orange, Creme
Joe’s Tea, Sweet Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Unsweetened Black Tea, Half and Half, Lemonade, Raspberry Zero
Prickly Pear Soda, Pikes Peak
Saratoga Water, Still, Sparkling
Yerba Project, Double Minted
Yes Folk Kombucha, Hojicha, Jasmin, Yaupon