Lunch/Dinner Menu

Seasonally available

Macaroni and Cheese: available as a 12oz individual portion

mix in:( $1 each) Benton Bacon crumbles, roasted tomatoes, goat horn peppers

(Macaroni and Cheese is also available for Take and Bake in 8″ round metal pans)

Monger’s Choice Boards:

Cheese Plate:  monger’s choice of three cheeses with paired accompaniments, cornichons,and toasted bread (gluten free available upon request)

Charcuterie (cured meat) Plate:  monger’s choice of three cured meats, accompaniments, cornichons, and toasted bread (gluten free available upon request)

Combination: monger’s choice of two cheeses and two cured meats, accompaniments, cornichons, and toasted bread

Grilled Cheese:

The Cheese Traveler offers fresh grilled cheese sandwiches made to order on a panini press. For here and to take out. Catering options are available for larger parties. All sandwiches are made to order on Our Daily Bread bread from Chatham, NY; using hand-churned butter from Normandy, France (Rodolphe le Meunier’s Beurre de Baratte); and served with a Pucker’s half-sour pickle. Any sandwich can be made on gluten-free bread.

Add on any of the following:

Smoked Ham – $1     Benton’s Bacon – $2     Country Pate – $2

Pio Tosini Proscuitto di Parma – $2     ‘Nduja – $2

Flying Pigs Farm Liverwurst – $2

Simple Pleasure: A gourmet take on the old-school grilled cheese. Made with Shelburne Cheddar from VT and Edelweiss Havarti from WI. Hot and gooey on Our Daily Bread sandwich loaf – $6

Traditional: Gruyere (cow), French whole grain mustard, and garlic dill pickle relish on sandwich loaf – $7

Farmer’s: Red Leicester (British cousin of cheddar-raw cow) with British-style fruit chutney, and onion on sandwich loaf – $7

Smokey Mountain: Havarti, Benton’s Country Ham, red onions, cider jelly on rustic Italian loaf  – $10

Sweet and Savory: Fontina (Italian mild, semi-soft, washed-rind/cow) with smoked duck breast and Sidehill Blueberry jam on rustic Italian bread – $10

Classic: House Blend cheese, house-made Benton’s bacon jam, Benton’s bacon on sandwich loaf – $10

Soup of the day (available seasonally):

Cup $5

Bowl $7

sandwich and soup combo – order a sandwich from the above menu and soup is $1 off.

Some of Our (Past) Specials:

[call 518.443.0440 for our daily specials or check our facebook page]

Panini on ciabatta

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