Featuring Tilldale Organic Meat

Red Devon, Heritage Breed

Tilldale Farm, owned and operated by Joanne and Danny Tilley, raises certified organic meats:  grass-fed & grass-finished, heritage breed Red Devon beef; heritage breed, pastured Tamworth pork; and pastured eggs responsibly on their family farm in Hoosick, NY.

Tilldale Farm (also on Facebook), which has been in Danny Tilley’s family since 1938, is certified organic.  The Red Devon cows, Tamworth pigs,  and laying hens have never been exposed to hormones, antibiotics, nor had any synthetic ingredients in their feed.  They have spent their whole lives on the pasture, except during the winter when they are cared for in the barn because it is too cold to leave them outside.

Tour the farm and meet the farmer.  See how the animals are raised on pasture with plenty of room to move in healthful, low-stress conditions.  See the fresh water provided at all times, the vibrant pasture, and the rotational grazing system used to maintain the pasture. The Tilleys provide a sanctuary for wildlife by only tilling 100 of their 300 acres.  The unused land is welcoming to pollinators and maintains ecological balance the farm.  Since becoming certified organic in 1999, Danny Tilley, the farmer, has observed an incredible increase in the wildlife:  rabbits, insects, deer, and birds.  Discover the satisfaction of knowing the origins of your food.

The Cheese Traveler features organic, pasture-raised beef and pork  from Joanne and Danny Tilley.  We strive to bring great tasting, quality, carefully crafted specialty grocery items to Albany. You can read more about the Tilleys at our blogpost.